Steps to that perfect blusher

The most flattering of the colour cosmetics – that not only accentuates the cheek bones but gives the impression of a soft healthy glow, is the blusher.

Selective and clever usage omits the needs for shaders – especially during day time. Use two shades of the same colour-a light and a dark to shape the face.

  • Blusher strengthens and livens the face
  • Deep shades are more suitable for evenings
  • Rose-pin and coral colours are fresh looking and give flow for natural day-time look.
  • Soft coral and warm rose tints suit pale skin
  • Warm pinks suit olive skin
  • Powder the blusher with a blusher brush to give you more control.

Procedure : Start from the bulbous piece at the entrance of the ear down to the corner of your mouth by placing a thin handled brush across the cheek. This helps define the angle.

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