Exhibition at Café 9: New designers on the block

Exhibition at Café 9: New designers on the block

On the evening of June 3, designers and friends Nazish Hussain and Sabeen Ali exhibited their new collections at Café 9 in Zamzama. Nazish Hussain Couture, Hussain’s label, is fun, with vibrant colours. The price range of her summer/spring collection starts from around Rs2,500 and goes up to Rs9,000. Hussain … Read more

Designer Maternity Wear by Samar Mehdi

Positive – Pakistan’s first designer maternity line was launched in March 2009, in a much covered media event at the Zamzama outlet in Karachi. In the weeks leading up to the launch, Positive was given extensive media coverage on several television channels from Hum and TV One, to ARY. An … Read more

Sheikh Amer Hassan brutally murdered

Sheikh Amer Hassan, the designer and host of many of those social starry nights, was found dead in his apartment on Saturday morning. The man who loved to have his pictures spread out on the weekend tabloids would never have thought that his last would be the one attached with … Read more

Nadia Lotia – Hair She Comes

Real success is not rated by the amount of money you make but with the satisfaction of your clients. Nina Lotia is a charming, young and experienced hair stylist who radiates positive energy round the clock. Her salon speaks of her unparalleled success, which is always packed with her clients. … Read more

The Next Best Things

The next best things are not some secondary alternatives to the real things. These are the real things! They are the next generation of superstars. Perhaps the term “generation” would not be applicable here since the world of showbiz seems to lie in another dimension where time moves a lot … Read more

Imran Qureshi – Where is the attitude?

When Imran Qureshi says that he is a graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design, you don’t believe him. For one thing, there is a startling lack of self-importance in the young designer (who should not be confused with the veteran choreographer of the same name). Friendly, and without … Read more

The New Fashion Police

Old is gold and new is bold. Bold enough to bowl you over with everything that they do. And they do like no one can do. Here is a great tidal wave of young fashion gurus and divas that has stormed our fashion industry shores… Rocking a lot of boats … Read more