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From making your lips look fuller to concealing dark circles, we have simple tips to solve some common makeup muddles

Concealing dark circles
You can camouflage under-eye circles with a foundation, concealer and some powder. Dark circles have a muddy brownish or purplish tinge, so you need to neutralise them with certain colors. Use a foundation or concealer with a yellowish tint for fair-to-whitish complexions. People who have a dusky complexion should use an orangeish-yellow tinged concealer. A fine yellowish powder could be used to seal in the foundation or concealer applied to the area. This will also help the skin look more even-toned.

Using mascara daily
We recommend the use of a good brand, as that would prove safe to use even on a daily basis. Avoid using waterproof mascara every day, as the lashes tend to dry up, become brittle and fall off. It is a myth that eyelashes fall out because of regular use of mascara. Lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones as part of a natural process. However, an eye infection caused by contaminated or old makeup coming in contact with the eye could also cause eyelashes to fall off. If that does happen, rinse the eye immediately or wipe the area gently with a clean cotton bud.

Using lipstick every day
If you wish to use lip color every day, make sure you use a quality brand enriched with vitamin E and a lip conditioner. You can also wear a lip base under the lipstick to prevent direct contact with the lips. Be careful about the kind of lipstick you buy because even though darker colored pigments have been banned from use in lipsticks, some inferior brands still sell them. These color pigments stain the lips when used on a regular basis.

Using makeup to make lips look fuller

A lot of us have fuller lower lips and a relatively smaller upper lip. Makeup artists generally use a three dimensional technique to create full and pouty lips. To achieve this, use a lip liner to extend the lip line slightly outside the natural lip line by following. Then fill this area in with a lip color that is a shade lighter than the pencil. Make sure that you blend the lip color and liner or it could give you a very harsh look. Finally, use an even lighter color in the centre of the lips to add more fullness. A touch of lips gloss adds a hint of shine and makes the lips look very attractive.

Makeup essentials for a woman
It’s important that you have a compact in a suitable shade to control oiliness and add color to your face. A blush-on in a natural shade to highlight your cheeks is also a must. Transparent mascara to give your lashes and brows a groomed look shouldn’t be given a miss. A tinted lip-gloss and a touch of kohl pencil will help add the final touch. Add a magnifying hand mirror will complete the list.

Using makeup everyday

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