Tips for Keeping Perfume Fragrance

Be your fragrant best this summer

Tips for Keeping Perfume FragranceSummer is here bringing with it a host of sweaty problems. Our expert reveals a few secrets that will leave you cool, fresh and fragrant.

Hot humid summers make you long for something cool and fragrant. During this time, one is always searching for some magic solution to the perennial problem of looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

Perspiration: The double-edged sword
Perspiration is the main menace during summer. It saps our energy, detracts the cool feeling and, worst of all, it leads to body odour. But perspiration is also the body’s natural way of cooling. Each one of us have sweat glands, distributed all over the body. When these glands excrete sweat, it mixes with surface bacteria, decomposes and emits body odour.

Take a cold shower

Bath-time is a real pleasure during summer. It helps to keep away germs, dirt and body odour besides soothing and relaxing us. It not only refreshes but also revives us.

All parts of the body must be washed well, specially the neck, armpits, genital area and feet. These are the areas where germs accumulate. Adding cologne, which has a cooling effect, to the bath water leaves the body fragrant.

Deos and perfumes are the order of the day

Deodorants, anti-perspirants, talcum powder and perfumes give temporary relief from body odour. Most deodorants are also anti-perspirants. A spray, rather than the roll-on deodorants may be more suitable in summer, but this is a matter of personal choice. However, be sure to choose a mild deodorant, as strong anti-perspirants can cause skin irritation. It is always better to try them out on a small skin area first. If the skin tingles or burns for more than a minute, you should not use it. Perspiration is a natural process and should not be blocked with strong anti-perspirants. Some people find the use of talcum powders quite adequate.

A whiff of romance

Fragrances are very much a part of grooming. They evoke romance and sensuality and are the most luxurious of aids we use for grooming. Perfumes put the finishing touch to grooming and help to add that extra something – whether it is femininity, sensuality or individuality. In fact, the market for perfumes is not only vast, but also very expensive.

Nature has bestowed upon us the most wonderful fragrances. Imagine what a rose or jasmine would be like without their delightful fragrance. In fact, nature’s perfumes are all distinct and different from each other. The fragrance of a rose can be identified even with closed eyes.

A nostalgic journey

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