Review : HIJACK (2008)

Cast : Shiney Ahuja, Esha Deol, K.K Raina, Mona Ambegaonkar, Kaveri Jha

Director :Kunal Shivdasani

The story of ‘Hijack’ revolves around the life of Vikram Madan (Shiney Ahuja). He is an ex-pilot, who once used to serve in a commercial airline.

However, now he works as a maintenance engineer, in a ground job at the Chandigarh airport. His social life is limited to just on friend, Rajiv, who is the security Chief at the airport. Vikram had lost his wife, in a hijack situation, when he was still a pilot.

The demons from the past come back to haunt him once again, this time when his daughter gets embroiled in a similar situation. Now, he has to come face to face with his past and conquer the long-buried devils.

The terrorists who have hijacked the plane demand the release of their mastermind Rasheed (KK Raina), in exchange of the lives of the innocent passengers. One of the passengers is Vikram’s daughter. Now, he has no other option, but to sneak into the aircraft. He is helped in his endeavor by an airhostess on-board the hijacked plane, Saira (Esha Deol).

He starts plotting and killing the terrorists on by one. Some innocent passengers too become victims of the gunshots by the ruthless terrorists in the process. Somehow, Vikram and Saira manage to save the day.

While the first half is ok and bearable, the movie picks speed and gives a kick start in the second half only.

In a span of 20-25 minutes of the second half, one gets to understand what the director exactly wants to show. The director (Kunal) actually gives the movie both a Hollywood as well as a Bollywood touch.

The movie is all about unusual mid-air stunts and some serious kick- butting action stunts given by Allan Amin. The music of the movie is not all that appealing but the background scores a lot.

Shiney Ahuja fits the role very well. He is efficient, but he looks a bit untidy and shabby in certain places. He ought to take care of his looks and styling.

Esha Deol has little to do. But since her role is short, she’s okay and quite satisfactory in her short role. Newcomer Kaveri Jha is wasted.

K.K. Raina enacts his part convincingly. The main terrorist, Mushtaq Kak, leaves a mark and his work is appraisable.

The movie gains pace in the second half of the film. There are also emotional moments in the movie which has been brought out beautifully.

All in all, ‘Hijack’ is an average movie, a one time watch.


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