The Secrets of Clear and Beautiful Skin

Are you unhappy with the texture of your skin? Do you have scaly or rough skin even though you drown your face with plenty of moisturizer? Does your makeup look caked and unnatural? Does your oily skin type look coarse even after you have used a clay mask? Well then, moisturizing and masking your skin may not be enough. Rough-textured skin may indicate a deficiency of vitamin A that can be corrected by daily supplements of vitamin D. Here are some tips :

Today there are many skin-smoothing option available, but you should first know about the two completely different methods for removing dead skin cells , friction and chemical.The friction method of dead skin removal is achieved by a product category known as facial scrubs.

Facial scrubs and steams help to depose any accumulation of dead cells or pore-clogging soil which might be responsible for the roughness.

Pat on some honey and allow a few minutes of skin-softening-time before rinsing off. Massage mayonnaise into your face, let permeate for 5 minutes or leave on as a skin-smoothing night cream.

Rosemary egg white is a skin smoother that should be stored in the refrigerator and applied every other day: Steep 1 teaspoon dried rosemary in 2 tablespoons boiling water for 15 minutes. Strain, then blend with 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon instant nonfat dry milk.

Watercress water is a time-proven remedy for rough skin. Boil a cup of freshly rinsed, chopped watercress leaves and stems in a cup of water. Let cool, strain, and apply several coats of the liquid. Allow each layer to dry before the next application, then rinse with cool water. Store in the refrigerator and use daily until improvement is noticeable. Prepare a watercress water every seven days and apply weekly twice treatments as preventive maintenance.

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