Wedding Photo Shows – Introducing Yourself

Planning a wedding can be exciting, stressful and expensive all at once. Many couples begin by planning the big items such as the reception venue, transport & photography. One of the hardest things can be making your wedding different by adding a special touch that people will remember.

Ther are many special touches on offer but one that offers a truly personal touch is a DVD Photo Show presentation screened during the Wedding Reception. DVD photo shows are produced using a bride and grooms personal photographs and brought to life with motion, transitions and music. Richard Greenwood, founding Partner of which produces wedding photo shows in USA, Australia & UK said “we wanted to produce a unique and memorable product that shows the bride and groom in a different light to their friends and family and remind all of precious memories from their lives prior to marriage, from childhood to meeting each other and through to the wedding.”

Often many wedding guests can be divided into two camps; the bride’s guests and the groom’s guests. Quite often the bride’s guests may not know the groom well or visa versa. A DVD photo show at the wedding reception really helps to introduce yourselves to your new husband’s or wife’s family and friends.

There are several ways that you could show a DVD Photo Show at your wedding. All that is required is a DVD player and then something to display the show on such as a TV, PC or a data/digital projector. Using a projector will have the most impact and grab the attention on all your guests. If you use a projector you can display the photo show while guests are seated. A good time may be in between courses in you have a sit down meal as you will have a captive audience. If you don’t have access to a projector they are easily available for hire. Another way to display the photo show is though a DVD player and TV on your gift table or next to your guest book. You can leave the show on loop and allow guests to view the show throughout the night.

Richard Greenwood said “we’ve had such a strong reaction from all the bride and grooms that have shown a DVD photo show at the reception. There are always laughs at those ’embarrassing photos’ from when you were young and often tears of joy from proud parents and relatives.”

Kylie and Dave who had a DVD Photo Show produced for their wedding day said “It’s so beautiful! Dave and I both had tears in our eyes watching it! It is going to make such a special addition to our wedding day. We will be playing the DVD on loop next to our guest book so that everyone gets to have a look at it.”

DVD Photo shows can also be used after the wedding with images from your wedding day and honeymoon. These shows will compliment your wedding photography package; act as a digital wedding album or even a cost effective alternative to a wedding video. They are also easy to share with long distance relatives and friends who could not be there to share your special day.

The best news is that DVD photo shows for weddings are very affordable so it won’t break your budget.

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