10 reasons to look forward to Pakistan Fashion Week

1) The cast of characters
To see the fashion industry gathered together under one roof will be surreal. Both cities, both councils and everyone else besides. There will be supermodels Vinny, Iman and Iraj and Deepak Perwani, Nilofer Shahid and Maheen showing alongside Nomi Ansari, HSY and Kamiar Rokni, and that is just the tip of the ice berg!

2) The buyers from beyond
The buyers from beyond Pakistan are what we are really looking forward to. People with experience in global fashion will come and pick and choose from the best that our industry has to offer. They will be looking for quality, vision and an idea that could potentially be the next big thing in fashion. They will engage with our fashion industry, which in turn will engage with them. Fashion’s horizons will expand immeasureably.
3) The discipline of business
The restructuring of businesses that will follow fashion week will put things on the right path to progress. From seasonal catalogues to regular collections, everything will acquire gradual discipline. And when designers get orders, they will organize and increase their production capacity and will want to make most of it all year round. The game will deliciously roll into action.

4) Retail culture in Pakistan
As designers kick into the global fashion cycle, one will be created in Pakistan too. So far, most collections come out without ceremony. Fashion week will put a spotlight on what designers are doing. It will also create retail culture locally. And eventually, we will see local buyers alongside the ones from overseas. First year, do look out for Zahir Rahimtoola and Asad Tareen in the front row. Designer Amir Adnan has also stated that he will attend fashion week as a buyer.

5) Glamour quotient
Pakistan Fashion Week will put a new spin on glamour. The rich and famous and bold and beautiful will cumulate in the front rows of all the important shows. Front row culture, which is already here will be cemented. And of course, what is the business of fashion without parties? There will be one every night as business and pleasure are shaken, stirred and served straight up!

6) Unity or at least the semblance of it
Fashion rivalries are infamous for getting out of hand but this time round the competition will be more constructive than petty, like it is at awards shows. The industry will be bottlenecked into working together and strange things happen when people work toward a common goal. The fashion week experience will bring the industry onto one platform and kinships will be formed between the ones who will last the fashion week marathon. Others will drop out. Fashion week will be about the survival of the fittest.

7) Making fashion a part of the news agenda
The week will spin fashion headlines everyday. Fashion journalism as we know it will change as journalists start analyzing four days of back-to-back fashion. They will have the opportunity of seeing fashion up close in an event that is purely about fashion, not raising funds, entertainment or a corporate evening. The press will also get a chance to interact with buyers and designers and consultants. Fashion journalism will become more polished.

8) Positive publicity of Pakistan
There’s too much negativity associated with Pakistan, and rarely do foreign news channels find anything positive to portray. From poverty to corruption; from earthquakes to cyclones and consequent devastation caused by them, it’s always about the ugly side of the country. Pakistan Fashion Week will, without doubt, make it to international headlines and show the other side of the picture for a change. Pakistan does have Vinny along with Mukhtaran Mai and the world needs to know that!

9) Adding to the model brigade
Pakistan Fashion Week will need an assembly of at least 40 models and IMG has maintained that they will do castings for models. In an industry where there are few professional models, foreign intervention is exactly what is needed to make modelling a vocation. It will be interesting to see the ones they choose and why.

10) Bye bye bridals, hello pret

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