Anurag is the sexiest of all: Kalki

She came into Anurag Kashyap’s film to play one of the female leads. Now the French girl is the leading lady in his life. Meet 25-year-old Kalki Koechlin, who plays Chandramukhi aka Chanda in Dev D, the modern-day, sexed-up version of Devdas.

Born to French parents based in Bangalore, Kalki is in a relationship with the film’s director, Anurag Kashyap, and does not believe in keeping it under wraps. “We’re seeing each other and are very happy. He’s passionate and romantic like Frenchmen. Anurag is the sexiest of all. As a lover, he is easy to handle,” says Kalki.
Although it was Anurag who first asked her out, Kalki admits to feeling sparks herself. “Once we finished shooting, I missed him and wanted him to be around me. He made me laugh, sing and do things we both liked. When it happened, I gave in,” she says.

About her character Chanda in the movie, she says, “I play the ultimate male fantasy who, by dusk, transforms into a high society callgirl, someone who is comfortable with her sexuality. At the same time, she is very vulnerable and has a normal daytime life.”

So, does she feel that when men watch her they’ll be mentally undressing her? “Yes, that is bound to happen. However, Kalki and Chanda are two different people. There are more layers to the character. It does not bother me and I know how to keep myself removed from the public eye,” says Kalki.

And why was the much publicised lustline — launched to promote the film — called off? “It was a controversial idea, a little extreme since it was taken out of context. A lot of people began to judge me just as a sex symbol because of it. There was nothing that terribly affected me about the lustline and now I think of it as one aspect of film promotion,” says Kalki.

Meanwhile, Kalki, who plays a victim of a sleazy MMS scandal in Dev D, has her own views on relationships and sex. “I feel that a steady relationship and sex go hand in hand. My parents told me a lot about sex and contraceptives. India is discovering sexuality in a big way now and we need to educate the youth about it,” she says.

The debutante also has fond memories of Bangalore. “I grew up in the city and stayed in Whitefield. It was very relaxed then and not so crowded. My brother is also in Bangalore and I love coming here,” she says. Come February and Kalki, who is proud of her ability to converse in Tamil, will be seen in the city.

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