Combination Oily skin and Dry Skin

Combination Oily skin and Dry Skin

Combination Oily skin and Dry SkinFrom the Natural beauty tips discussion, Combination oily skin is the most common skin type. Generally, the oily part of the face is located on the forehead, nose and chin. The dry portions are the cheeks and areas surrounding the eyes and throat. Oily skin with often increased to brighten pores, and the possibility of blackheads and blemishes. You may experience some tightness.

Home remedies for combination skin (dry & oil skin)

What is required for combination skin care is washing the face with gentle soap or a mild milky cleanser. Dry areas need to be moisturized often

Sensitive Skin: The most delicate type-sensitive skin type can be dry or oily . Application of just any kind of skin-care product or cosmetics will irritate the skin. It has a tendency to become blotchy and may show broken veins at the same time; it may also have a flushed or reddish look or may itch also at times. Try applying the sensitive skin face mask for treatment.

If proper care and attention is given, people do not have any problem with this type of skin, where as in serious cases consulting a dermatologist is required. Apart from these major skin types, there might be other exaggerated versions of major skin types, like dehydrated skin,acne , blemished skin , aging and hydrated skin.

Excluding them there are also other major skin types like acne red scars, blemished skin, dehydrated skin, aging and hydrated skin.


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