What to Look For in a Good Face Cleanser

What to Look For in a Good Face Cleanser

What to Look For in a Good Face CleanserNot all face cleansers are created equal, especially with such a wide array out there for you to choose from. Visit any drugstore and you will be bombarded by several long shelves featuring numerous different brands, types, and styles of facial cleansers. So if you are looking for a quality face cleanser, just which one should you choose?

Don’t worry, there are some things you can keep in mind to help you cut down the choices in front of you. The first and most important thing to consider is:

1) Know Your Skin Type: Cleansing products are generally created based on skin type. For instance, if you know that you have oily skin, you can cut out any facial cleansers that are made for dry skin users. If you do not wear makeup, why bother with a facial cleanser that promises to cut through and dissolve any makeup products? If you are wondering about what skin type you have, you can always speak to a dermatologist, your doctor, or try to gage it on a few basic principles, such as:

Different Skin Types

Oily skin: Your skin is shiny, slick, and you have difficulties keeping it dry

Dry skin: Your skin may be paper-like in texture, it feels tight, and it is especially dry around the corners of your nose and eyes
Normal skin: You have little to no complaints about your skin. It does not feel tight, taut, greasy, or wet in any area
Combination skin: This is a mix of both oily and dry skin. If you have oily skin around your nose, your chin, and forehead but have dry patches on your cheeks, you have combination skin.
Sensitive skin: If you suffer from sudden and seemingly inexplicable break outs, rashes, eczema, or any other allergic reactions, there is a good chance you have sensitive skin.

(2) Be as Natural as Possible: This means avoiding any harsh or strong chemicals that are often contained in facial cleansing products. Remind yourself that your face isn’t a sewer; there is no need for harsh detergents to clean your skin. Opt for face cleansers that have natural products and that are specifically formulated for your skin type only, while also avoiding the use of any detergents or strong soap products.

(3) Ingredients Matter! The next time you are picking out a face cleanser, flip over the bottle and see what is inside. Just as suggested before, the more natural the product the better it will be for your skin – no matter WHAT your skin type may be. There is a natural substitute for all and any face cleanser and skin care product on the market these days. You may have to do a bit more digging around to find these natural products, but they do exist and you can find them.

You can find a great quality face cleanser at a beauty boutique, a department store, or save some cash and go for a face cleanser you can find in a drugstore! You will often get the same quality product at just a mere fraction of the cost.


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