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Fabulous Fringes: Try these edgy new hair styles

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some edge to your look – cut in a fringe. Trust us, this season and the next are all about face framing fringes.  They’re the perfect restyle compromise – fringes allow you to fringe hairstylecompletely change your look without losing any length. You can play it safe with an asymmetric face curtain or go wild with a full on block fringe or graduated blunt cut.

Which ever fringe you go for, you’re sure to love your new look – and if you’re not so keen – no biggie – it’ll grow out in a jiffy. We love that fringes can make your eyes really pop, can shorten a lengthy face shape and can help balance your features.

We’ve rounded up some of our fave fashion fringes for your inspiration – but before you go for the chop, get your hairdresser’s expert advice on which fringe style will suit your face shape best.

Graduated fringe

To get this androgynous look ask your stylist to cut it at an angle so it sweeps across your face and cut into the body of the fringe to give it this disconnected finish.

For the uber cool only!

Wispy woo
This wispy look will suit delicate features. Just ask your hairdresser for something soft and feminine – you don’t want it to look too blocky.

Seventies side fringe

We love and adore this simple seventies look. It’s just too cute.
Ask for a sweeping side fringe that is cut on the diagonal – you want the fringe to have volume but you want it to still look natural when you sweep it over.

That Rachel from Friends look

This long layered fringe is a modern twist on the nineties Rachel from Friends look.

Long enough to cover your eyes (tres sexy) this can be cut into your normal style very easily – just ask for some choppy layers at the front for an instant pseudo fringe.

The perfect non-committal fringe!

The fake fringe

This sweeping side fringe is actually not a fringe at all. It’s faking it.

And it’s easily done. Just sweep your hair over in an extreme side parting and tuck behind your ear once you’ve arranged it carefully over your forehead.

You’ll be pleased to know there’s no need for a monster clip! We’re sure this model is keeping her fringe just so before she heads out on the runway – minus the clip!

Source: sofeminine

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