Get That Perfect Salon Look Everytime

You know when you go get your hair done at the salon it looks absolutely to die-for? But once you’re home and you try to duplicate that same look, it just doesn’t look the same. So how can you ensure that you get salon-worthy looks at home every time? With this fail proof guide of course! Keep reading to find out how!


Straight and sleek hair might miss out on volume at times, but there is a sure way to get straight and sleek hair with volume included too! To give your roots some lift, start by blow drying your hair the opposite direction to which it sits. Once your roots are dry, use a flat paddle brush and dry the rest of your hair. Finish off by smoothing your hair with a high-quality flatiron. Remember to not go over board with the iron as you want straight hair, not flat hair!


Curls are always a hot thing to have, but this season it’s more about polished curls than anything. First, apply a curl defining smooth cream. Use a diffuser and blow dry your roots first and then flip your head over and continue drying the length to allow natural curls to form. Once your hair has dried, use a curling iron that is closest to the size of your natural curls and start curling random sections of hair. Finish off with a hairspray to prevent your curls from drooping throughout the day.


For voluminous hair, you first need to get movement. Divide your hair into two-inch sections and blow dry using a large round brush. Once all of your hair is dry, give your entire head a light spritz of hairspray. Fluff your hair with your fingers and then add Velcro rollers at the crown. When you remove the rollers, gently backcomb the crown for maximum volume. Stay away from extra-firm-hold hairsprays.

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