Apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Ideas for Great Hair

Hair can be distracting in both good and bad ways! Short or long, thick or thin we want our hair to be perfect. Apple cider vinegar hair rinseWho doesn’t want great hair? Most people would admit that they have at least a little bit of vanity about them, and they want to make sure their locks always look perfect. Instead of spending tons of money to make your strands look great, consider these six cheap tricks you can use instead.

1. Flowers:
No need exists to go out to the local store and buy clips that cost so much money. If you are having a simple sort of day, grab a flower from the garden and stick it behind your ear. Perhaps you have some old clips that are in need of revamping. You can glue the flowers onto the clips, and then you will have beautiful decorations for your hair.

2. Wind Drying:
Each morning, you might pick up that blowdryer after your shower. Not only does this make your hair dried out, but these types of appliances can be rather expensive! If it is warm enough, simply apply a little bit of product to your hair and drive to work with the windows down. You will certainly get quite a bit of volume, and you will look stylish as well.

3. DIY hair mask:
If you are really interested in saving as much money as possible, you should look into some recipes for creating your own hair products. Decide what it is that you want to make, and then look up a recipe for that particular product on the Internet. These methods can be much less expensive than buying items, and you may find that they are more environmentally-friendly as well.

4. Compare ingredients:
The next time you are at the store, pick up a bottle of both the most and least expensive product of the same type. For example, you might select two containers of mousse. Look at the ingredients that are listed on the back. A great possibility exists that they will be exactly the same. Now, you will likely see that you can get an excellent deal for a less expensive price.

5. Conditioning:
You probably have, at some point, spent a lot of money on deep conditioning products. However, you can actually make your own at home. Look up a few different recipes, but you’ll usually find that mayo, eggs and even olive oil are involved. These products tend to be extremely expensive at the store, but you can make them at home.


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