Get to know Munib Nawaz!

How would you introduce yourself to our readers?
Salam, I am Munib Nawaz, a fashion designer, a tv host and celebrity style consultant.

Tell us a bit about your background; family and education?
I was born in Lahore and went to Aitchison College there for my early education. I went on to get my BBA honors in Marketing from CBM, Karachi. I was more of an introvert in school, but very involved in sports and literary stuff.

How and when did you get into designing?
Quite randomly, I designed some shirts for myself and got them tailored from a regular tailor near my house. My friends started liking my shirts and requested me to make some for them, and that’s pretty much how it started. Later, I did an internship with a fashion house here and after 2 years, I ventured out to pursue my own label, Munib Nawaz.

Did you take any formal education for this or did it come naturally to you?
It was natural, but later I started reading and researching and got my knowledge about tailoring and other technicalities.

A lot of young designers like yourself are getting into designing just for men; do you feel this market has not been explored as much?
I think we need more designers in menswear. I prefer working in this segment of the industry because I love it and I have a lot to offer to this aspect of designing.

It seems like every designer does bridal, have you looked into designing bridal men’s wear?
I specialize in grooms wear.

How many outlets does your label Munib Nawaz have in Pakistan and where are they located?
There are 2 located in Karachi and 1 in Islamabad.

What kind of budget should people keep in mind when ordering from you?

Value for your money is the key for Munib Nawaz. Due to the fact that each client is different, we work individually with each one. We also cater to international clients as well.

How many fashions shows have you done and would you be open to the idea of doing a show in the US or UK?

I have had exhibitions in the US.

Do you have any local or international designers that you look up to or get inspirations from?

Giorgio Armani

What in your opinion on the future of Pakistan’s fashion industry?
The future is very bright for the smart, business-minded designers. We have the potential to participate in international forums and set up brands as big as Louis Vuitton or Armani.

You have also done some work on television; tell us what programs you did and how your experience has been?
I started with a show on Hum TV called Fashion investigative Report with friend Ahmer Khan, who directed the show and brought me on screen for the first time. The experience was great and overwhelming because of the response. The next show I hosted was the hard hitting Cell 224 for Aag TV; it was a lot of fun doing working on that show. Currently, I am hosting on FTV Pakistan and ARY-The Musik.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Poetry, music and running.

What would you like to tell the youth who would someday like to follow in your footsteps?
Be honest with yourself and make your own road to wherever you want to go. Be patient, have faith and work your ass off…dreams can become a reality.

Lastly, what is your message to the readers of The Saturday Post.
Just be positive and keep on believing.

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