Karachi Food Joints special Offers for Voters

Pakistanis generally 7 Karachites specially know how to celebrate even elections. Many food joints in city of lights are offering free goodies if you have voted on 11th May in Pakistan general elections 2013.

Here is a list of places with their exciting offers. Go show your inked thumb as a proof that you’ve voted & enjoy free goodies.

Discount/Free offers by Food joints in Karachi during Election 2013:

  • Free Malt Kulfi at Patio
  • Free green cake Pop from the Cakery
  • Free sorbet from Lal’s Patisserie
  • Free iced tea (tangerine grapefruit) at Gloria Jeans’
  • Free coffee from espresso
  • Free cold coffee from Pie in the Sky
  • 25% off on dinner at Chinese restaurant Ginsoy
  • Free cocktail at kahva
  • Free drinks at latte lounge
  • Free cookies from neenis
  • Get 15% off at Cafe Forty4
  • Free mint lemonade and crispy fries at Cafe 76
  • Free green cake pop from Cakery

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