Hair Dandruff Causes

Hair Dandruff Causes

Hair Dandruff CausesDandruff is nothing but a dead scalp on head which sheds like a white and dry particles. This causes blockage on the head scalp thus reducing the probability of hair growth. It can also cause hair loss or baldness.

Here are some common causes of dandruff:

Unclean Habits: Proper washing of hair 2-3 times in a week is must in today’s environment. Under so much pollution in the city chances of dandruff is high. Make it a habit to do proper cleaning and massaging the head with oil. This good habit will definitely help in reduction of dandruff.

Emotional Problems: Second issue related to hair fall and dandruff is emotional problem. In many cases the people under tremendous stress in life may have dandruff issue.

Hard shampoos: Many cases hard shampoo also lead to hair fall. Choose a good soft shampoo which would suit your hair. This is a main cause of hair fall since people don’t understand what their hair needs. Choice of shampoo do matter a lot.

Severe cold exposure: Some of studies also suggest that exposure to severe cold also leads to hair damage and dandruff creation.

Avoid Oily and sweet food: Foody people always love sweet and deep fried food. Unknowingly they don’t realize that this will affect the hair growth. Try to intake less amount of oily and sweet food.

I hope this causes will help you in avoid the hair fall and dandruff.


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