Dandruff is Natural Process. The Range of Dandruff Can be Control

Dandruff is Natural Process

Dandruff is Natural Process. The Range of Dandruff Can be ControlDandruff is an excessive production and accumulation of dead skin cells. It appears as snowflakes like dust. Dandruff can also be defined as the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp at excessive speed. This is the result of normal growth process of cells in the skin of the scalp. Our scalp and the rest of the body are covered with skin cells.

As the skin renews itself, the top layer of old cells die and scales. Normally, the complete renovation process takes 2-3 weeks. In some cases there is an increase in cell production, causing death to be packaged together and put in place as dandruff on the scalp. Dandruff is natural process. The range of dandruff can be control.

The range of dandruff

The range of dandruff can occur in all age groups and at all times. In case of dandruff chronic disease can affect the skin around the nose, eyes, ears and chest.

Dandruff is a minor problem, but it can be very embarrassing. Dandruff is seasonal. It is more severe during the mildest winter and summer. The causes of dandruff include:

Excessive use of shampoos, hair sprays, gels and curlers.

The infection caused by the organism Pityrosporum ovale.

Oily scalp

*Improper use of hair coloring products.

*Stress, anxiety and stress.

*Rare shampoo or cleaning the hair.

Dandruff can be controlled in the range:-

Since dandruff is a natural process can not be eliminated, it can be controlled in the range. Dandruff treatment is simple ,efficient frequent shampooing of the hair and scalp. Mild dandruff can be treated regularly shampoo on the scalp with a mild , non-medicated shampoo. If this fails, a medicated dandruff shampoo can be used.

Shampoos containing cytostatic drugs, such as selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione can be used. These agents reduce the growth and multiplication of horny cells (top layer of skin on the scalp). Shampoos containing selenium sulphide should not be used if there is a cut or abrasion on the scalp. Other ingredients in shampoos to treat dandruff are coal tar preparations, salicylic acid, sulfur and a combination of salicylic acid and sulfur. Nizoral AD, is a shampoo that specifically targets the Povale and treats flaking and itching.So this can be controlled dandruff in the range.


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