Make Your Own Herbal Bath Powder for Glowing Skin

Herbal Bath Powder for Glowing Skin

Make Your Own Herbal Bath Powder for Glowing SkinDo you have hair fall and dandruff? Are you suffering from skin problems? Are you trying to improve your skin tone and complexion? Here is an herbal bath powder to solve the above problems. You can make it at your home with ease.


Turmeric powder 200g
Green gram 200g
Gum benzoin 150g
Andropogon muricatus 100g
Alpinia galangal 100g
Cinnamon 100g
Sandalwood 100g
Cloves 50g
Dry rose petals 50g
Bay leaf 50g
Camphor 25
Fenugreek seeds 25g


Make powder with all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly.
Store it in an air tight container.


Take the required amount of powder.
Add adequate amount of olive oil or sesame seed oil to it.
Massage your skin half an hour before bathing.


This herbal bath powder improves your skin tone.
You can get glowing skin and lustrous hair by using this powder.
It cures acne, black and white spots on skin.
It treats many skin diseases like eczema.
If you use this powder for hair, it helps in reducing hair fall and dandruff.
It nourishes the hair.


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