Atif Aslam denied the rumors of engagement

Atif aslamIt has been reported by Kalam TV, Dunya TV and that singer-cum-actor Atif Aslam was engaged last month to Sara Bharwana, in a small private ceremony. Fans who imagined that Aslam would be their husband one day should take note, but not give up just yet, as although claims that this news come from a reliable source, who apparently knows the alleged couple, Aslam himself has denied this news. also quoted the anonymous source as further adding that Aslam is dating a lady, who is a Kinnaird College graduate, for about four years but does not want to make the relationship public news. One of the reasons to keep the affair a secret could be fear of losing his fan following.

However, all of the above mentioned details are being reported as rumours and will continue to seem so till Aslam, or anyone close to him confirms the news. When The Express Tribune approached Aslam, he instantly replied, “It’s a rumour” without even waiting for the question to be asked. The singer seemed highly amused by this news and the uproar it has caused in the media world. It is evident from the pop star’s reaction, that he has been receiving a lot of calls pertaining to the secret affair reported by many sites and channels.

However, this is not the first time the media has received news of Aslam’s link-ups from anonymous sources. The singer has been associated with Indian singer Shreya Goshal as well as many other girls, not from showbiz, in the past.

According to a comment on etribune;

Engagement could be a rumor but he has accepted the fact that he is committed in live morning show on Geo, when he came to promote BOL. Shaista Wahidi askd him and he answered yes, i hv a girlfriend. i think that says it all.. about all the rumors roaming around the world.

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