How to Achieve Smooth Skin on a Budget

How to Achieve Smooth Skin on a Budget

Caring for Dry SkinHere are some very easy and cheap means by which you can encourage smooth skin. These methods are especially useful if you have a lot of stripes, scars, marks and such on your skin.

You have two choices: Cover up with make-up and make the skin roughness worse, or repair your skin (this could take months or years). Provided you’re prepared for a long haul, you will succeed in improving your skin.

Facial skin: clean your skin every morning and evening with nothing but cold (or warm) water. don’t use any cleaning product. You can use once in 3 day’s a cleaning and refreshing product like skin lotion, facial scrub or a mask.

You can remove any bags under your eye’s with a spoon from the freezer or with a ice cube in a wet tissue. Press it against your skin for a while and it helps removing those nasty bags. Try to sleep well next time.

After cleaning put on some Vaseline in a very thin layer on the dry spots, shiny spots (nose, eyelids and forehead) and dark spots (like the bags under your eye’s).

Now put some baby powder in your hand and take a small make up brush. dip the brush in the powder and remove any excess powder on the side of your hand. Gently put it on the spots were you put Vaseline until it’s no longer shiny.

Take a bigger brush and wipe all the powder that’s left over your face

If you do this well, it will give your skin a neutral and even look without shine spots or dark spots. And all without any make-up.

If you want to accentuate your eyes a little bit more, you can use a uncoloured waterproof mascara and some eyeliner. You really need to remove this in the evening.

Body: after showering (use only one skin product) smear some Vaseline on the places that aren’t really pretty, no need to put baby powder on though.


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