How to look good in 10 minutes

How to look good in 10 minutes

 How to look good in 10 minutesFacial exercises

It might not look the most attractive, pulling the kind of gurning expressions that win toothless old codgers prizes at country fetes – but just a few minutes of facial acrobatics every morning can do more wonders than plastic surgery.Specific expressions involving pushing the head back and opening and closing the mouth while extending the tongue back and forth, helps tighten up the saggiest of double chins.

Self-tan without orange

A range of reasonable inexpensive self-tanning moisturisers can give the illusion of radiance and health – particularly beneficial if you’ve got the lifestyle of a burger-munching dipsomaniac who avoids fruit and veg.
The only trick is to apply carefully with attention to areas of the neck and jaw-line that are prone to displaying tan lines, hence giving the cunning game away. Wait 10 minutes before dressing and Bingo, you have a natural sun-kissed complexion without the pain of sunbathing or risking damage to the skin.


It’s simple, it’s quick and it’ll save you premature lines and cultivating a skin that could give a Nile river crocodile a run for its money. Today there’s an abundance of different types of male creams, most with UVA protection and ones that treat different problems such as ‘anti-tightness’ to dry skin and eczema.

Eye bags

Forget the expensive eye creams that now target the male grooming market. A cheaper and equally effective method to reducing dark circles and eye bags – particularly after a boozy night – is to place chilled tea bags on the eyes for five minutes.The tannins in the tea help plump out lines and reduce puffiness. To make sure you have a ready supply of the little wonders simply make a pot of tea the night before and then drain and place the tea bags in a bowl in the fridge.

Express exercise

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