How To Style Your Hair With Gel

How To Style Your Hair With Gel

How To Style Your Hair With GelShampoo Your Hair
Before you set on the procedure of styling your hair with a gel, shampoo your hair properly and condition them, if required. Styling with gel is easier when your hair is clean. Decide whether you want to give a wet look or a dry look to your hair. Knowing the exact style that you want for the hair beforehand will prove helpful and save your time later on.

For The Wet Look
Apply the gel while your hair is still damp, if you want to go for a wet look. After using the gel, shape the hair the way you want and then, allow your hair to air dry. Do not use a blow dryer on your hair after you have applied gel, as it will create the dry effect for your hair.

For A Dry Look
Blow you hair dry after you have washed them and apply gel to your hair to give them the dry look. There is no need to apply gel all over your hair if your do not wish. Apply gel only in the areas you want to shape. It is important to note that only a small amount of gel is used on hair that has been blow dried.

Allow The Hair To Set
Once you have applied the gel and your hair has been styled, do not rush out in a hurry. You need to give your hair some time to set. It will take about 30 minutes for your hair to set completely. Your hair will be messed up if you do not give it the required time to set perfectly and that applies both, the wet and the dry look. It is difficult to fix messed up hair, after the application of gel. So, take care not to spoil that carefully styled look.

Some Tips
Take care to apply the right amount of gel to your hair for that prefect look. Excess gel can make your hair look greasy and less gel will not hold your hairstyle very well.
Wide-toothed combs and hair picks are easier to use while styling your hair with gel. Avoid using a hair brush.


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