Kangana goes nude

Mukesh Bhatt’s dream of retaining Kangana Ranaut’s nude scene in Raaz- The Mystery Continues has come to naught. The Censor Board Committee which saw the film last night has ordered the nude scene to be deleted if Mukesh wants the film to see the light of day.

Also, Raaz has been given an A certificate. However, Mukesh has the option of approaching the Revising Committee of The Censor Board.

In this scene Kangana is attacked by the ghost for the first time. According to our sources Mukesh Bhatt, who was present at the screening, was livid with the Censors’ decision. There was a big argument between Mukesh and some members of the Board who refused to cow down.

Mumbai Mirror had learnt about the scene nearly15 days back and asked Mukesh for a picture. But Mukesh had said, “I don’t want to release the picture as then I may have more difficulty in getting a U certificate for this film. I want a bigger audience for the film” We told him that irrespective of whether he gave us the picture or not, the censors would do their job anyway. But Mukesh did not part with the picture.

We tried to persuade Kangana to get us the picture, but even she was apprehensive about releasing the picture to the media.

Vinayak Azad (Regional Officer, Censor Board) confirmed on Friday evening that his panel has ordered Vishesh Films to delete Kangana’s nude scene. He said, “My officers have told me that they had told Vishesh films to delete the nude scene. Despite the deletion of the scene, the film will have an A certificate since there is a lot of horror content in it.”

Our source clarified, “Obviously, Kangana did not shoot in the nude and she wore a body suit to create an illusion. But the Censors’ objection is valid since the viewer will definitely feel that Kangana is nude in the scene.”

Funnily, Mukesh Bhatt is still living in denial. After we spoke to Vinayak Azad, he told us, ‘Raaz – The Mystery Continues’ has got a UA certificate. We have not been asked to delete Kangana’s nude scene.”

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