Hrithik’s kite is flying high

The film industry is abuzz with the news that the film has been bought by Reliance Big Pictures for almost Rs 150 crore. And this in the times of recession. The film is produced by Rakesh Roshan, directed by Anurag Basu and stars Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut and Barbara Mori.

Our industry source says, “Every major corporate house in the industry was looking to get the rights of Kites. The deal has been closed at over Rs 150 crore. The deal includes worldwide rights, along with overseas, music, satellite and video rights. However the deal is only for a certain period with a minimum guarantee amount. This amount is over Rs 150 crore.”

The amount is so big that now Reliance will hold all the rights. Trade experts affirm that only that can make it a feasible option, although the risk of such a huge price cannot be ruled out. Some of the recent big deals have been struck for Singh Is Kinng (around Rs 70 crore) and Om Shanti Om (around Rs 60 crore). Kites surpasses both by a long shot.

When contacted, Rakesh Roshan said, “I cannot comment on the amount. The deal is of a completely new structure, not tried out here before, and the amount can even go up to Rs 200 crore. The fact is that the deal has been divided into two structures all over and the film has been made in two versions — one for the Indian market, the other for the overseas market.”

Roshan revealed his strategy, and said, “I was playing the waiting game, for I wanted to see who would take the initiative. I think the vision of Big Pictures matches my vision — about the film’s international appeal.”
Roshan gave the credit for the deal to Hrithik, and his banner Filmkraft. He said, “This time our film has an appeal not only for Indian viewers and NRIs, but also for an international audience.”

Speaking about the two versions of Kites, he said, “English is the most common language all over the world. The Indian version has more Hindi dialogues, while the overseas one has more of English. However, essentially it is a Hindi language film.”

Rajesh Sawhney, official spokesperson, Reliance Big Pictures, says, “We (Filmkraft and Reliance Big Pictures) will mutually arrive at a figure closer to the release date. I think it is a great script and a great cast with international potential. That’s why we have struck this deal.”

When asked if the huge price is justified, trade analyst Amod Mehra said, “If Ghajini can make more than Rs 100 crore, why not Kites?

The film is scheduled for a Diwali release.

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