KaraFilm Festival

Karachi is famous for food, sandy beaches, bustling lifestyle and Kara Film festival. Kara film festival is an event organized by KaraFilm society a group of young committed filmmakers.

Last year’s festival “Dekh magar Pyar se” (“watch but do it with love” is probably the right translation for the phrase) was a blast. Among many other attractions of this festival there were movies such as “Khamosh Pani aka silent waters” winner of Grand Prize at Locarno Film Festival, world premier of “Paap” a Mahesh Bhatt production directed by Pooja Bhatt and “Ghar ki Talash”. The festival was a smash hit thousands of people visited and watched movies with great enthusiasm. There were movies from USA, UK, Europe, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

4th International Karafilm festival will be held during December 3rd to 12th. This year’s festival is called “Dharakta hai Yeh dil” and believe me you guys are gonna love it. You can have a look at the screening schedule. Passes are available easily and they are not very costly. The venue is easy to reach from every part of the city.

If you live outside Karachi please visit us on this occasion, there are many affordable accommodation options available with in 10 minutes walk away from the venue. Public transportation in Karachi is widely available and gone are the days when it was hard to catch a bus. Green buses are air conditioned and usually not very crowded. Taxis are not expansive and you can totally rely on them but I would suggest using Rikshaws they are a funny, affordable and loving way to move around. PIA auditorium is also located near the bustling shopping centres of Karachi and many great restaurants. Weather would be very pleasant and you are gonna love it very much. You will have a chance to talk the filmmakers, actors, technicians etc and who knows may be you get an offer to work in next big bollywood movie? It is not just about films, you will also meet many artists such as painters, fashion designers, singers, musicians, folk artists and hundereds of students from Indus valley school of arts. For straight guys there would be so many girls you can talk and meet and for gay boys you can meet the most handsome guys like me there. Use your gaydar and every thing would be fine (read fantastic). At the film festival and afterwards you will have a chance to meet many Karachites, people like me who are very optimistic about the future of our great city and the future of Film as a medium of art in Pakistan.

Pakistanis living else where could easily travel by train, bus or air. It is very safe for South Asians to roam around the streets of Karachi. Use your common sense and you will find Karachi the most peaceful city in the whole world. You can also visit many other art galleries and museums in Karachi or you can spend some time visiting historical buildings. Just remember Karachites hate it when people talk during a movie so please please dont talk while watching a movie here and please turn your goddamn mobile phone off else people would see you as a “Paindo”.

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