Interview with Adeel Asghar Choudhary

“Koi Chehra” is a song that has been playing on all Indian and Pakistani music channels almost non-stop. Adeel Asghar Choudhary is the voice that has made this song an instant hit with music lovers. Originally studying to become a dentist, this multitalented young man followed his heart and has achieved instant success in the sub-continent.

We had the opportunity to interview Adeel and ask him about his future plans and how he started his very successful journey.

Tell us a little bit about your background, family and education

My father is a doctor and my mother, a homemaker. I have two elder brothers, the eldest is a doctor and the middle one is a businessman. I grew up wanting to become a musician, but for the sake of my parents I studied medicine and was preparing to become a dentist, while simultaneously working on my music. I studied medicine from the prestigious King Edward College and contrary to popular belief; I was actually a very good student and always scored very high marks.

When did you become interested in music? Was this something your parents and family supported?

I’ve been interested in music ever since I can remember; the first time I touched a Casio at the age of 6, I knew this was my calling. Unfortunately, initially my family was not supportive at all of my desire to become a musician. I did go through a struggle period, but eventually my parents by Allah’s grace saw the passion and hard work that I had put in, and today they are proud of my achievements. So I wouldn’t say it’s always been a smooth sailing, but I truly feel I’m God’s special child and he’s guided me to this point, and InshAllah will always do so.

You have released a new single “Koi Chehra” in India, and it has been getting great reviews, how has the experience been for you?

It’s been overwhelming, but the response and love that I have received from the Indian market isn’t something I can put in words. All I can say is that it’s been a wonderful experience and journey. I truly cherish every moment of it.

Who wrote and composed the song? Do you work with a team or are you entirely a solo artist?

I’ve written and composed that song. Although I usually have musicians with me, I would say that I’m a solo artist.

Why did you think of releasing the song in India? Why do most of our artists and musicians now cross the border to release a song or an album?

India is a huge market, musicians and artists from our country get immense respect and love there. I see no harm in crossing borders to release our music; through music we are bridging the gap between the two countries. Where politics fails, art has taken forward. I feel proud of that fact that Indians are listening to our music; I think it says a lot.

What are your future plans? Are you working on any new songs or albums?

As of now, I’ve been busy promoting my current album. I’ve started working on a new album, and have two songs releasing soon in a Bollywood flick. I’ve always got acting offers from Bollywood, but my career is in a very early stage, so maybe by my next interview to you, I’ll be able to tell you a name of a film! Nonetheless, rest assured you have a lot of music coming your way from me.

You have also been selected as a new face to represent Pepsi, tell us about how you got selected? Have you been asked to endorse any other products as well?

I’ve been a Pepsi brand ambassador for 3 years and it has been a great association. They discovered me through my music, and I’d like to thank Pepsi for selecting me when I was just an infant in this industry. I have been offered a few endorsements, however I would like to stay selective about which brands I endorse, as I would not feel comfortable endorsing something I myself don’t feel great about.

Have you done any concerts, if so, where? Do you plan to perform in the U.S anytime soon?

I’ve done many concerts and toured nearly the whole country; I’ve been doing concerts in Pakistan, India and Dubai for a few years now. I’ve also done a few concerts in England, and very recently did a concert in America thanks to SDZ Global, which is doing a great job in promoting Asian talent in the states. I will be working with SDZ again very soon, as we’re currently doing the logistics of our next USA/Canada tour.

What words of encouragement would you like to give to the young talent that wants to follow in your footsteps?

All I can say is follow your dreams. Work hard, believe in yourself and Allah, and there’s no stopping you. With hard work and dedication every triumph in life can be overtaken.

Lastly, what message would you like to give to the readers of The Saturday Post?

Please pray and give me all your love and support, and I promise to keep you entertained always!

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