Combination Oily skin and Dry Skin

Oily Skin- Ways You Can Fight It

The shine, the stickiness, the irritating oiliness. Oily skin can be a pain. But maybe the ways we were using to Combination Oily skin and Dry Skinwash down the oil on our faces was actually making it worse. Read on to get over the old soap and water routine.

Around 30 to 40 per cent of us are born with overactive oil glands and the situation is aggravated by hormonal changes such as those experienced during adolescence, pregnancy, and diet. Climate is a key factor too. It is said that oil production de increases 10 per cent for every one degree increase in temperature, which makes residents of our part of the world very vulnerable indeed!more

But perhaps the most useful piece of new information is that washing your face too frequently can make the situation worse. It seems that while dermatologists were well acquainted with the composition of sebum (it’s made by the sebaceous glands located near the base of the hair follicle in each pore), they weren’t sure what actually caused it to be produced. Now there is evidence that sebum is produced when the sebaceous .a glands detect a lack of oil on the face.

The sebum starts to flow precisely when the skin is clean and dry and free of oil. Therefore, if oily skin is your problem, take note: over cleaning and drying out the skin will only make things worse because they increase oil production, and a vicious circle will have been started.

Don’t forget moisture

Lately, cosmetic companies have been trying to educate us on the virtues of gentler treatment of oily skin! And they’ve started giving us special grease-relief formulas as well, products that will cut the oil without drying, but at the same time make skin Feel fresh -important if you stop the constant washing, but still want to feel clean.

Don’t forget that even oily complexions need some sort of moisturizer; this is particularly important if you are to avoid the drying that causes overproduction of oil. And a face that is too dried out will show even the tiniest wrinkle when makeup is applied.

For efficient oil control and radiant skin, Estee Lauder’s 3 skin-care regime is highly recommended. This is a simple, but powerfully comprehensive program, as is promised with proven clinical test results. These products will give you all the moisture needed by oily skin, but in a non-greasy, oil-free formulation.

It almost goes without saying that Vichy Laboratories have taken a serious dermatological approach to the problem. Their Regulative oil control treatment is a complete program. For users of Chanel products, life is made easy with the Chanel Beauty Action Plan, which shows clearly and simply in color code what products to use according to skin type. Specially recommended is the Chanel Purifying and Clarifying Masque cream for oily and combination skin. Use once or twice a week, if necessary with a whole range of complementary cleansing, purifying, toning and mattifying products.

Ever-thorough, Clinique identified no less than five degrees of oiliness: Oily Here and There forehead, nose, chin; Oily in Summer Only; Moderately Oily; Oily All Over All the Time; and Oil- Troubled Plus. Check out which one suits you.

Spot Action

Too much makeup tends to coagulate. To avoid pooling of foundation, mix a dab in the cap of the bottle with water, and then apply sparingly on the face. When you use powder, make sure that it is ultra matte and that it doesn’t contain mica which causes unnecessary shimmer on an already shiny skin. Check the labeling on the jar and make sure you use all oil-free products, from moisturizer to foundation to blush. The key for oily skin is that less is more!

Activated Oil Glands

Oil glands can work overtime for a variety of reasons such as stress, changes in the weather, hormonal changes, and over- washing. Constant de-flaking and de-slicking is needed for the skin to look its freshest and clearest. The perfect way to tackle your skin’s ‘ oil spills is a daily / nightly application of a shine defeating defense treatment that will curb too-active sebaceous glands. The treatment products for this will keep the right level of moisture in your skin and give it a matte finish. Make sure that these products contain either salicylic acid or other oil-blotting components.

Coming Clean

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