Pooja Bhatt condemns ‘hate movies’

“This would help establish love between the masses of the two sides,” said Mahesh Bhatt, who is presently in Pakistan to attend International Film Festival, while addressing a press conference.

Addressing the press conference the Indian film director and his daughter Puja Bhatt said: “We condemn movies made in India, which add to the ill will and hatred”. Movies made on the themes of Kargil, Kashmir and other anti-Pakistan registered business in the beginning but now Indian viewers have started rejecting them, they said.

Bhatt alleged that western powers did not want to see establishment of cordial ties between Pakistan and India due to their vested interests “but it is in our large interest that we forge congenial atmosphere and do not let foreign forces enter the region otherwise they will continue perturbing us.”

After partition, he said there had been incidents in which Muslims and Indians saved each others lives. If movies are made on such themes then mutual love between the two sides will grow, he said.

The Indian film director said that he was thinking of making such a film, saying its shooting would be done in Pakistan. Stars from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other SAARC countries would participate in it.

In this regard I would try to meet President General Pervez Musharraf and if he gave me a go ahead then the work at the film would soon start, he added.

Puja Bhatt said she did not receive as much affection in India as she did get in Pakistan. “I am indebted to Pakistani people for their love for me”, she said.

She said she would not act for quite sometime “since I am enjoying direction.”

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