Mikaal Under Cover

Meeting Mikaal was not easy, what with his many shoots, dramas, commercials and personal business. This hunk is busy, but FC got the opportunity to catch him at his leisure in Karachi where he had come to shoot for a private channel.

Mikaal in a candid tete-a-tete answers all the questions behind the veil about him.

So how was it that you entered show biz?

Kismat mein tha (grinning). Got an opportunity for a commercial and then felt that this is what I want to do or am meant to do, so I took it up.

How did you feel when your first commercial came on air and what was the response from your friend and family?

On top of the world, they all encouraged me and that’s the reason why I have come all the way without looking back and am now one of the most busy models in Pakistan.

Your first song “Sano Tere Naal Pyar Ho Gaya” was a hit with Abrar? And after such a hit song you did another video with Zara that was of very low quality, why?

Well being recognized is what everyone longs for and that song got this industry to recognize me. ‘Yes that was a mistake but as you know everyone learn by him/her mistakes and I will not repeat it again.

What is the scope of male modeling in Pakistan?

It’s just a matter of how you play your cards, there is scope for male modeling and you can be the most sought after model of Pakistan.

Is this industry more for female models or male?

Of course there is more work for the females than there is for males after all you get beauty from females and modeling is all about it.

What in your opinion is the problem with modeling fees?

Any one would want to be paid more, males are very underpaid compared to the females but then that’s what we have live with.

So what do you have to say about the lobbying going around and you being with the Athar Shahzad Camp?

I believe in working with everyone because each ones looks at you with a different angle, let them direct you and bring out the best and then at the end of the day you will have the result. If you are working with a certain photographer / designer / beautician for years, its obvious a certain relationship is established, no one can be blamed for that and obviously that is not lobbying.

At the LSA award, everyone was expecting you to be the winner but it didn’t shape up that way? Were you hurt?

Yes I was expecting to win and so were others expecting me to win, of course I was hurt but then I took it as it came. This year I don’t intend to submit my portfolio for the LSA.

What projects do you have in hand?

I have just returned from Canada after doing a play “Sukay Patay” with Uzma Gillani, Suneeta Marshall etc. then there is Jaye Kahan Ye Dil, Ik Kasak Baki Hai, and lots of shoots and shows.

Critics say you are a wooden actor?

Well is it so, if that is correct why would producers invest a huge amount on me, I don’t agree with that.

How was the experience working with Reema in her drama debut which was recently aired by a private channel?

It was fun, I got to learn a lot from Humayun, Sajid and Reema.

Any plans to settle down?

No Plans as yet but hopefully soon.

Are you engaged to Zara Sheikh?

Yes very much, we met, we fell in love, got engaged and plan to settle when time comes.

I believe Zara is older to you, any issues on the age difference?

She is a year or two older, so what? That makes no difference, she is the person I was looking for and with her I have found out the true meaning of love, so age could never be a problem between us.

Now what do you have to say about our models/actors going across the border for work?

Well lets not talk about others but I personally would want to stay in Pakistan and do something for my country, but then again if depends on how media treats me. For me the reason why most of our models/actors go across the border is because their media takes them seriously and in 4-5 days everyone knows about you, they are professional in their work, they don’t spread controversy instead support their models/actors, they know what they want which lacks in Pakistan.

Who is your favorite designer/photographer/beautician/male and female model?

I think every one is good, will not name a specific person as we all are colleagues in this field. In male models I like Argun Rampal and me ofcourse and in female You have to guess….. come on yaar it has to be Zara as a model & actress and who else “ I don’t want to get killed”.

Any interest towards music? Any chances of a band or solo debut?

I would want to go for soft-rock bordering on pop. May be R&B, Solo, for sure or maybe a band with a girl in it. And by now you must have guessed who that girl would be.

If offered, would you consider acting in movies?

Yes! Definitely movie is the biggest medium, but not now sometime next year, waiting for the right role especially tailored for me.

Will this movie be with Zara?

Yeah definitely, I want to do my first film with her, cause she will help me and it would be excellent.

They say attitude and industry go together? How much truth is there in it?

Attitude is necessary in this industry, it is just a kind of expensiveness about him or her, its just a charm or an air about him as his signature.

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