Painting exhibition: Abid Hasan’s tribute to Faiz

Painting exhibition: Abid Hasan’s tribute to Faiz

Painting exhibition: Abid Hasan’s tribute to FaizAbid Hasan has paid tribute to Faiz in his new poetry-inspired collection, “Noor-e Sehr – a tribute to Faiz”, being displayed at Gallery6 till June 3.

Hasan held his first solo show in 1988 at Indus Gallery, Karachi.

The late Ali Imam declared, in writing, “He [Hasan] is gifted with an inquisitive mind and painterly sensibilities, which nature bestows on few painters.”

Hasan is a contemporary painter and uses a very unique chemical process for his compositions. “He uses chemically treated silver on canvas and applies pigments externally,” commented Director Gallery6 Usama Arjumand, “The style is unique because there are currently only two artists in Pakistan who are using a similar medium.”

The artist maintains his composition through the labor-intensive and often painstaking application of chemical processes and oil paints on layers of original silver and gold leaf applied on canvas.

The reaction of oxidizing agents on silver and gold creates incredible textures, on which he overlays paints in a planned way to produce his aesthetic.

“He works in abstract and is very experimental,” added Arjumand.

The work “phir noor-e-seher dast-o-girebaan hai seher se” invites the viewer to a world of intricate effects-breaking of light rays from the darkness, while “Sehr ka roshan ufaq yaheen hai” captures the moment the sun ushers the dawn.

The use of hands and finger prints narrates the tragic fate of those lost to the war on terror in hum jo tareek rahoun mein maray gai.”

Commenting on the show, Dr Arjumand Faisel, the curator of the gallery, said: “The paintings in this outstanding exhibition should place Abid among the leading painters of Pakistan.

The treatment shows his masterly quality over the medium with effects that are captivating.We are not only witnessing a master in the making but in the empowerment of a new medium.”


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