Pakistan’s Art Decorated Vehicles Exhibition in Scotland

The art of traveling mostly translates into knowing how to snare an in-flight upgrade or – equally enviable – being able to arrive everywhere stress and crease-free. Pop along to Pakistan’s Decorated Vehicles – part of the Pakistani Film, Media and Arts Festival at Tramway – and you’ll discover the brilliantly embellished moving canvasses that are the country’s trucks and buses. Photographer Peter Grant has recorded these eye-catching vehicles and his images, mounted alongside Billboard Art of Lollywood, create a sense of the everyday artwork on Pakistan’s streets.

It’s been said the country’s truck drivers love their vehicles as much as their wives. They certainly lavish all manner of status-symbol ornamentation on the metal beasts of burden that are their livelihood, which is why, amid the pop stars and screen idols, you’ll find talismanic portraits of deities and good-luck charms. The mobile collages may look off-the-wall, but this art-on-wheels should preferably keep safely on the roads.

The exhibition is run in conjunction with Pehlee Dharkan, the Pakistani film festival at Glasgow Film Theater.

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