Permanent Hair Removal

Many methods of permanent hair removal have been tried with varying degrees of success and the only proven permanent hair removal method that has been widely used and is said to be effective is electrolysis. Permanent hair removal laser treatment is becoming very popular nowadays. However this is not a permanent method of removing unwanted hair and one who wants to get hair removed permanently needs to make quite a few trips to get the complete treatment. There are certain creams that are said to work as permanent hair removal creams but all claims are not true. Unwanted hair is not only a problem that women face and there are many men also who go for permanent hair removal of unwanted hair.
Among laser hair removal options the ruby laser hair removal method was the first to be tried and has the longest track record in laser hair removal. Alexandrite laser hair removal is fairly newer hair removal technique. This hair removal technique is used by people who are light skinned and have dark skinned hair. The diode laser hair removal method is currently the most popular hair removal method that is being used and one can also buy a diode hair removal machine and use it at home. A new method that is being used to remove unwanted hair is Nd YAG laser treatment for hair removal.

Only the electrolysis method among all the methods that are being used for hair removal has proved to be a permanent solution for removing unwanted hair. All the other methods delay the re-growth of unwanted hair and are not permanent solutions. Electrolysis hair removal must be performed by a trained electrologist and one should not take a risk of using this method if the person is not qualified as scarring can occur because of this.

Permanent pubic hair removal is becoming quite common among both men and women as well. Whereas the growth of pubic hair has its advantages but people are opting for it to be removed as they feel more hygienic and appear better to their partners. Shaving, waxing and using hair removal creams are the three popular methods used to remove pubic hair. Most men who do not want pubic hair opt for shaving as for them it is the easiest method for permanent removal of male pubic hair. Women also use shavers or razors to remove pubic hair. Waxing and hair removing creams are other popular options used to remove pubic hair. For permanent pubic hair removal one can also visit a private hair removal center. Some of them display permanent pubic hair removal pictures to convince a customer that they can permanently remove unwanted pubic hair. One should remember when using waxing or creams that the creams and waxing for removing pubic hair may be different from those used to remove hair from the legs and arms. One has to be sure to get the right type of wax or cream. There are permanent pubic hair removal creams but there is no guarantee for how long do these creams work as most hair tends to reappear after a while.

Permanent hair removal has become so popular that there are a number of permanent hair removal centers in New York. Maryland permanent laser hair removal, Atlanta permanent laser hair removal, permanent laser hair removal Florida, hair laser permanent removal Texas; there are laser hair removal centers in all the major American cities and each guarantee permanent laser hair removal. They use one of the methods that have been discussed and will also display pictures of permanent hair removal. But one cannot judge anyone of these centers and their success in permanent hair removal.

Unwanted hair will remain a dilemma with a large number of people and they will try various options to remove unwanted hair. Currently laser has become the most popular option.

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