Ravishing Fiza

The scene opens to a girl surrounded by kids, all in cricket gear, enjoying an energetic game. The camera zooms in on the girl who is called aside by her elders to welcome a relative. She is hesitant in removing her peecap and smarten herself for the reason.

She is a girl who refuses to give up what she enjoys in life just because she has grown up. She is Fiza Ali

The real surprise was that the character that you had become familiar with in Mehndi is based on Fiza’s true self. “That actually depicts the real me.

And that was exactly how Javed Fazil had seen me the very first time. I was playing cricket with my friends which is a bacha party of all below fifteen when we came across Javed Fazil who was immensely annoyed by us.

I took off my cap and he looked at me for a few minutes, then said, “I’ve seen you somewhere.” I at once in a childish manner said, “Of course you may have, I’m a model.

He looked at me again and said, “No I have seen you somewhere else.” And it turned out that he was also my neighbour. That was that for some time, till Evernew approached me with an offer for Mehndi.

I was quite taken aback at such an impressive offer. They said that for their play they needed exactly the kind of a girl that Javed had seen,” meaning one who played cricket and had a childlike sweetness to her.

“They informed me that though I was the youngest sister I had the strongest character. I was so excited and amazed that they would want me with the likes of Aminah Haq, Ayesha Khan and Amina Hussain,” the main female cast of the serial.

“And the amount they quoted was also really big, unlike what I had been making so far.” It all started a year back when Fiza was still, “A matric student.” She relates the tale how she was discovered.

one fine day by Manaf at ‘Nabila’s’. “I used to go to Nabila’s with my mother after school for my regular hair wash.” Why go to Nabila’s each time for a hair wash, we ask amused? “Oh I mostly had oil in my hair and it was just so convenient to go there and get my hair washed professionally. On one of my usual visits Manaf asked me if I had ever considered modelling.

I of course was tempted and said so. The next thing I knew Manaf had a commercial lined up for me.” That means you are one of those lucky ones for whom permission is not a problem? “On the contrary when I asked my mother for permission she straightaway refused.

She told Manaf that we are from Khawaja Nazimuddin’s family and the idea of their girl modelling was simply preposterous. Secondly she thought that I was too young to get into showbiz, fearing that I would become hooked to it.’

With such strong opposition how did she manage to appear so often on TV and in commercials? “Oh I did the usual bit of crying, begging and cajoling and finally my mother gave in,” she says.

“But I had promised my mother that the minute a good proposal came my way I would give this all up and become a complete housewife.” But what’s the hurry, you have plenty of time we query? “I don’t think so.

My mother has instilled the belief in all of us (sisters) that a girl is best at her husband’s place and this should be done at an early stage in life. All my sisters were married in their teens. I am the only exception.”

Continuing in the same vein we ask Fiza if any worthwhile proposal has as yet come her way? “Not really. Right now all the people who are interested in marrying me say that they have nothing against my acting and would let me continue even after marriage.

My mother is so worked up because of this. She doesn’t want me to continue with what I’m doing right now,” she laments. And what about you? “Oh, neither do I.

I think a girl’s right place is in her husband’s home where she spends her days caring for her in-laws and looking after her husband and kids My, Aren’t we rather self-righteous?! That is the role of a woman.

Working and all else is best left to the guy. I had never wanted to be a working girl and am content with the thought that I have to take care of my husband’s house one day.” OK. So she knows her mind. Good for her!

Fiza had initially started off with modelling for magazines, which led to commercials and finally acting. Wanting to try her hand at every aspect of the glam world, she has even stinted with ramp modelling, which she claims to enjoy. “I am really busy with fashion shows these days,’ she says counting the next few shows scheduled for the month.

She has so far acted in two serials. “We recently visited Malam Jabba for the recording of another serial where we participated in the annual sking event. It was so much fun. Urooj plays the lead opposite me in this serial. It was an extremely exciting experience, which was further intensified as it was a hi-tech production.”

It’s not just acting and traipsing on the ramp that this girl is good at, and get this, there’s lots more to Fiza than meets the eye. “I am a very good cook, I can also do all sorts of handiwork and handicrafts,” she says smiling. But here’s the real surprise. “The outfits that you mostly see me in my plays are all stitched by me.

I do not like the idea of designers dressing me up. I like to look after my own wardrobe.” She recalls an incident which she relates to us. “I am in the habit of making new outfits all the time. I just love clothes. I have innumerable outfits. One day I had to go to a party, for which I wanted to wear something new.

I asked my mother to get me some fabric which she did not. So I had to do what I had to do. I took one of my mothers floral bedsheets, tore it up and presto I had a new outfit ready to wear.

The next day my mother frantically went around the house looking for that particular bedsheet, that’s when I told her what I had done,” and she still laughs at the memory of her mother’s reaction whenever she is reminded of it.

She is however not one to follow the herd as the she is least pushed about making a career out of this profession. This is just something peripheral while she is busy with a course in computer graphics.

And when its neither of the two then she is at home beautifying her home, “If you enter my home you will see a huge tiger painted on the wall, that along with all the other wall drawings have been done by me.”

She is also constantly evolving the setting and the interior of her home as, “I also love interior decoration.”

With so many qualities in her one feels she’s destined to be whisked off into marriage by her knight-in shining-armour, to fulfil a role she’s cut out for!

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