Saima says ‘Exposing is ok’

In an interview film star Saima said that she is personally against of exposing but if it is demand of scene then it is OK to expose. She said Censor Board is like a hanging sword (for censorship) on their heads without any reasons. If there is no glamour in film industry then how a film is going to do business on big screen.

Saima told that she got many offers from Indian directors but she rejected them because whole Pakistan knows how much exposing is done in Indian films. Then she again said that she is against exposing. In a question of scandal with Syed Noor (film director) she answered that she doesn’t have to worry because she is innocent and did nothing to feel guilty. Actually some actresses pre-planned this game. She said she is not going to get married in film industry and whenever she will get married she will leave film industry at once.

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