Metalight Productions P. Ltd.’s SATTA – THE GAME OF POWER, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, is a tale of a fiercely spirited woman, Anuradha [Raveena Tandon], with middle class roots.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she marries Vivek Chauhan [Sameer Dharmadhikari], a rich and a powerful brat whose reckless and overwhelming life confines her to a neglected life.

Fate thrusts her into the murky world of active politics, a power-driven world of betrayal and survival, where no one can be trusted. Her world is encompassed with characters around her constantly casting their influences and changing her course of life.

But Anuradha fights back, evolving into a stronger individual ready to take on the challenge that life throws upon her.

She is put in a rut of selfish motives, where, instead of giving in to circumstances, she takes on the system, eventually succeeding in cleaning up the murk around her.

As the title suggests, SATTA – THE GAME OF POWER gives a microscopic view of what goes into politics. The story has nothing new to talk of, since the genre has been over-exploited by film-makers in Mumbai. The only difference being, the protagonist here is a woman who gets into politics and beats the men at their game.

The film starts off on a promising note and gathers momentum with Raveena joining politics. In order to give the film a realistic touch, the film takes a look at the games politicians play, which makes the film one-dimensional from the audience point of view. One-dimensional, because the film gets too realistic after a point, offering no relief whatsoever.

It also magnifies the nitty-gritties of politics, which a common man may not be able to fathom or identify with.

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