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Choosing a moisturiser

Skin that is moisturised glows with health, which is why the choice of moisturiser is so important. From rich textures to subtly fragranced creams, moisturiser can be a real pleasure to apply and makes your skin look Moisturizer For Eyesand feel gorgeous.

How to choose a moisturiser
Before you get caught up in a sea of hydrating day and night creams, mattifying emulsions, anti-blemish lotions and the rest, remember to choose amoisturiser for your skin type.

– If you have normal skin, go for a light cream that feels soft and comfortable.

– If you have combination or oily skin, go for a liquid cream or mattifying emulsion which will reduce shine. Choose textures that refine the skin, making it lighter.

– If you have dry or sensitive skin, go for products that are rich in soothing ingredients, especially ceramides (molecules that retain water).

Application advice
Apply moisturiser in the morning on your skin (face and neck) after cleansing thoroughly. Massage it in delicately using your fingertips. It should all be completely absorbed by the skin. Applying moisturiser is an essential step before putting on make-up.

The law of the seasons
In summer, go for a moisturiser with a light texture.
In winter, go for a richer texture because skin is drier during the cold season.

Things you need to know for moisturising your skin
Well-moisturised skin shouldn’t feel tight and should stay radiant throughout the day. Follow these tips to ensure a glowing complexion…

– Buy a good moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin type (sensitive, dry, combination or oily). It prevents water from escaping by capturing it and locking it in. It also soothes irritation or redness caused by skin dryness.

– As soon as you wake up, drink a large glass of water to eliminate toxins and to hydrate your body. Drinking lots (of water!) helps skin stay fresh and hydrated.

– Use a thermal water spray to relieve dry skin.

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