Shahrukh-Saif Battle

Chhote Nawab and King Khan’s ‘gay’ camaraderie at award functions poking fun and mocking industry wannabes had often earned them both applause and flak from their targets. But now the seeming dostana between the two has gone bitter as actor Saif Ali Khan feels that Shahrukh was trying to settle some personal score with those particular targets of their witty repertoires.

The funny duo that invented the famous nareal awards and passed sarcastic remarks on the work of industry veterans seem set to part ways. Story goes that apparently not everyone took Saif and SRK’s comments in the best of spirits and many were left feeling hurt as the remarks made by the duo were too close to the truth.

Not surprisingly, many let their displeasure go public. When all this came to Saif’s knowledge the actor smelled a rat. According to him, Shahrukh was the sole scriptwriter of the awards. Saif was just handed his side of the dialogues, which he delivered like a good performer that he is. Then he was under the impression that the script was guileless humour, but once the show got over Saif had to face the music of angry celebs.

Speaking to a news daily, the actor said, “I was just enacting the lines he wrote. I don’t known if he was settling any personal scores but later I was told that many people were upset. So, okay! This kind of humour doesn’t go down too well. Next time I won’t do it.”

Well, either Chhote Nawab is clearly upset or he is just playing safe. Whatever be the reason, the Saif-SRK award jugalbandi has surely come to a halt.

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