Simple Grooming Tips for Men

When it comes to impressing the ladies, it’s important to look your best. There are some simple things that you can do to up your dating potential with a minimum of difficulty. There are some common grooming problems that can be solved quickly and simply with household items. Follow these tips, and the ladies will be following you!

  • Razor blades can be quite expensive. With all the new innovations in shaving coming out, it seems like you need to spend tons of cash buying new blades all of the time. However, there is an often overlooked method of keeping your razor blades sharp that can allow you to reuse the blades more often. After you finish a shave, remove the razor blade head and dry it. Next, douse the blade in a shallow bowl of mineral oil. Leave the blade in this solution until you are ready for your next shave. When the time comes, clean off the blade with some rubbing alcohol. You’re all set!
  • If you suffer from acne across your back, there is a simple solution that works a good amount of the time. Back acne is often caused by the wearing of cotton garments. A switch to synthetic fibers should help to clear the problem up, since cotton fibers are known to trap oil near the skin.
  • If you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, there is a natural cure. The common potato contains a chemical known as catecholase. Take a regular potato and mash it, preferably through the use of a food processor. Next, take the mashed potato and apply it to some cheesecloth. Rub the compound directly underneath your eye and let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. After you wipe it away, you should see a marked improvement – catecholase is used by cosmetic companies as a skin lightener.
  • Razor burn represents a serious problem to a vast cross section of the male population. Few realize that a simple cure for the ingrown hairs causing razor burn is right in their medicine cabinet! Aspirin’s scientific name is acetylsalicylic acid, which is nearly identical to the salicylic acid found in most razor burn cures. To use aspirin to treat ingrown hairs, crush up two tablets and add a few drops of water to form it into a thick paste. Apply the paste to your razor burn bumps and let it dry. It should help to cure the problem!
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