Slumdog… enjoys success at British box office

London: Slumdog Millionaire’s golden run continues. The film is all set for the Oscars next month with 10 nominations to its credit, three of which belong to A R Rahman.

The film has already bagged four Golden Globes and 11 Bafta nominations. Commercially too, it has already grossed over $40 million in the US, where it released in November and is setting new records in the UK.

In less than a fortnight since its British release, film has grossed over £7 million, making it the film with the most successful second weekend ever recorded at the British Box Office. And with 10 Oscar nominations, that dream run is likely to continue.

“Firstly, the timing is right. It is post 26/11, it is also the time of credit crunch so people just want to use the cliché of the feel good factor of the feel good film so the timing. But I also feel that it doesn’t underestimate the audiences’ intelligence so it is gritty, realistic,” says Times London film critic, Anil Sinanan.

The bookies have put Slumdog Millionaire well ahead of other contenders like Brad Pitt starrer The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Sean Penn starrer Milk, Frost/Nixon and Kate Winslet-Leonardo di Caprio starrer The Revolutionary Road.

Betting predictions aside, Indians will be praying for A R Rahman for the Oscars.

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