Taare Zameen Par: A plagiarized version?

There have been pretty serious accusations against one of the best films of year and India’s entry to the Oscars –’Taare Zameen Par’.

Sad and surprising but true.

The 69 year old veteran writer Shakuntala Devi who has authored 22 books says that a lot of the content in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ has been copied from one her books titled ‘In the Wonderland Of Numbers’.

Reportedly the book’s main character is a nine year old girl suffering from dyslexia.

According to her it’s not just the idea of a kid suffering from the dyslexia taken from her book, but the content of some complete chapters and incidents of her book have also been reproduced in the movie without her permission. She add that once Kamal Hassan had complemented her and said that if an intelligent producer is bought on board and a movie is made based on the book, then it can create a huge impact in the whole world.

Now this is a shocking allegation no less. The writer says that she expects Aamir Khan to write a letter to her explaining why he made use of the material from her book for his movie.

Perfectionist Khan, the producer-director-actor of ‘Taare Zameen Par’ has not yet responded to the allegations. So much for perfectionism!

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