Aamir Khan’s appearance on Talk Asia

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan talks of his family being against his entering films, how he has no plans to shake ‘King Khan’ from his pedestal, visiting cinema halls to catch audience reaction and more. Below is the transcript of the interview on CNN’s Talk Asia. Your most recent film Ghajini … Read more

Aamir Khan mulls a year-long break

After pushing his physical limits to a new level in ‘Ghajini’, Aamir Khan seems to be in a mood to cool his heels for some time. The actor, nowadays shooting Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots in Bangalore, is learnt to be thinking of taking a yearlong break to re-energize himself. He … Read more

Aamir Khan fighting for the farmers!

Aamir Khan, the Perfectionist, is unpredictable. If we are to look back at his last few films, well, he switched from Lagaan to Dil Chahta Hai to Mangal Pandey: The Rising to Rang De Basanti to Fanaa to Taare Zameen Par and finally to Ghajini. All these films belong to … Read more

Taare Zameen Par: A plagiarized version?

There have been pretty serious accusations against one of the best films of year and India’s entry to the Oscars –’Taare Zameen Par’. Sad and surprising but true. The 69 year old veteran writer Shakuntala Devi who has authored 22 books says that a lot of the content in ‘Taare … Read more

Aamir to visit Amitabh Bachchan

Aamir Khan was reportedly at loggerheads with Amitabh Bachchan thanks to criticism in his blog about Big B’s film Black and his acting in it. This was at the time when Aamir’s directorial debut Taare Zameen Par was about to be released. Much was later written in the media about … Read more