The Promise Of Perfect Skin

Skincare technologies like microdermabrasion and products like the diode laser and kinerase are making perfect, youthful skin possible, Women want beautiful skin and the search for the perfect skin product that can work miracles has only intensified with each year. The promise of smooth and younger-looking skin has resulted in new developments in the field of skincare.

Here’s what you are most likely to hear a lot about this year


Microdermabrasion This procedure is performed in a dermatologist’s office and requires no anesthesia. Using a precision hand piece that directs a stream of very fine, chemically inert crystals and mild suction where needed on the skin, the gently abrasive action exfoliates the outermost layers of the skin. The dermatologist can control the power of the spray, from a gentle buffing of the skin to deeper exfoliation where needed. At a low power, microdermabrasion might be compared to results similar to those of glycolic acid peels. This is considered the best treatment for improving acne scars.

Skin peels The results of skin peels can be very impressive. There are different types of peels, which produce different results, but all of them involve a chemical solution being applied to remove the damaged outer layers of skin so that new, regenerated skin replaces the old. Light peels involve Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) like glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids, and are mild chemical solutions that lightly peel skin, often resulting in brighter-looking, smoother skin. Medium peels use Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) when a medium depth peel is indicated for skin that has moderate sun damage and fine lines. TCA peels can correct pigment problems and superficial blemishes, and sometimes two or more treatments, spaced out over weeks or months, are required for best results.

Deep peels use phenol acid, which is the strongest of the chemical solutions and causes a deep peel. A phenol peel is a drastic, one-time procedure that offers dramatic and long-lasting results. Anyone with extensive wrinkling, lots of brown age spots, mild scarring or with pre-cancerous growths, could be a candidate for this procedure. A peel should only be conducted after your dermatologist evaluates the condition of your skin type and the severity of the problem.

Electrorhytidectomy Is best defined as a non-surgical face lift. A machine is used to tone the muscles under the skin on the face and also enhance the penetration of anti-aging products that are used to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

Laser hair removal This is the only effective method to remove unwanted hair permanently, and does away totally with the hassle of tweezing, waxing and shaving. The diode laser is best suited for our Indian skins, as the older lasers caused pigmentation.

You’ll need four to five sittings at monthly intervals, and the hair is gone for good. The laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light, which destroys the hair root.

Retinoids Vitamin A derivates, they still are the benchmark for evaluating other anti-aging products. New studies continue to prove the efficacy of retinoids in treating wrinkles, brown spots, rough spots, and pre-cancerous skin conditions. Another popular vitamin being added to skin care products is vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. When applied topically, vitamin C has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Considered vital in wound healing because it aids in stabilizing collagen, vitamin C may also lessen severity of sunburns.

Kinerase This is the latest entrant on the anti-aging products scenario. Studies and research have proved that kinerase contains the nature-identical plant growth factor N6-furfuryladenine that helps keep plant leaves moist and healthy, and retards the aging of plant cells. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause acne or blemishes. It’s also non-photosensitizing, so people can use it and go out in the sun without worrying about any reactions.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) A lot of detailed research continues and proves that AHAs have anti-aging properties although they are milder than the retinoids. AHA products are great at clarifying the skin. In many cases, they can partially reverse obvious signs of aging that include pigmented spots, coarse skin texture, and fine lines.

Polyhydroxy acids

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