Yasir Akhter on a roll

After a sabbatical long enough for people to be curious about him, Yasir Akhter is back and what makes this comeback more interesting is that he has not returned empty handed.

The singer-cum-actor-cum-director was on an extensive tour in US of A and had hit it off quite well with the Pakistanis living in Uncle Sam’s land.

That is perhaps why the Pakistani community bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award on Yasir. The award called One Man Industry was handed over to Yasir on a Pakistan Day ceremony by Chief of Republication Party in Washington D.C Leornard Beckar.

And so thrilled our Yasir was with this honour that he has now decided to shoot his next drama serial in USA. Currently his singer side is more active as his next album is underway. The album which would be out in a few weeks and may provide the locals an opportunity to endorse the title that their overseas Pakistani counterparts have lavished on Akhter. Till then we can only keep our fingers crossed!

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