An overview of “Fetish”- the shoe brand by Nadia Hussain

nadia hussain fetishShe has always been a popular icon in fashion industry and always willing to try innovative things. Now she launches her own foot wear brand named as Fetish.

What’s so special about Fetish?

Well, these shoes are different from the other ones, in a sense, they will be having precious gems set in them in appealing styles. The rare stones attract women of all ages, so they will surely be more popular than any other brand of shoes available today.


The cost varies depending on what shoe is going to be purchased. The material it is made of and the embellishments attached, determine the price. Plus, the name Nadia Hussain also makes a special shoe an extra special. But don’t worry it is affordable, if bought one or two at a time. The price is somewhere between Rs. 1500 to 3500.

Style and Type

Initially, she has launched formal wear only, so the shoes are fancy type. The women aged 15 to 75 are targeted as she explained in an interview prior to the the launch.

What inspired her?

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