Fashion bites Head over heels

Fashion bites Head over heels

Fashion bites Head over heelsWhether I fall flat on my butt, make robotic, tiny movements all day or wake up everyone including my neighbor dog with the rickety-clack sound, I just cannot give up on my secret weapon — high heels. This female tool has the magical power to make even the sloppiest midget look like a fiery glamazon in mere seconds. And why wouldn’t they? After all, stilettos take their name from an actual dagger used to kill someone. And men will attest to this as many of them practically die at the sight of a beautiful woman in high heels. Dying is still a better response than some of the images that turned up on my screen for the search word “heel fetish”. From using heels as a vessel to consume champagne to using them in certain questionable acts, it seems heels tend to get both sexes high.

What is the heel all about?

Heels tend to give the illusion of longer, toned legs, makes huge feet look dainty and the petite look super tall.

It also changes up a woman’s posture and gait, making the bust and buttocks more prominent.

Most of all, it mentally conditions women to feel confident. The more confident you feel, the better your output is in every activity.

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What heels really do?

High heels go against the natural functionality of the foot which causes skeletal and muscular problems if worn excessively.

Since heels concentrate a large amount of force into a small area, they’re impractical for any activity that involves walking more than five steps. And that would translate to almost all activities.

Who gave us the heel?

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” For this invention, women owe a whole lot to our short-statured sistah Catherine de Medici. Engaged to the King of France, the Queen-to-be had a few things to worry about. One, she was plain looking, two, she was below five feet tall and three, she was incredibly insecure. Since getting therapy in the 1500s wasn’t really an option, she did the next best thing — get a minion to make her really high heels. Soon enough, she bowled over the entire French nation with her fashion sensibility.

Why women wear the heel?

Daily Mail reports that an average woman will wear high heels over 51 years of her life starting from the age 12 and until she is 63 years old. That’s 51 years of backaches, hurting our feet and emptying our wallets as designer heels cost a fortune these days.

We only leave our heels when old age hits and comfort starts taking precedence. And the psychological effect of finally letting go off this fetish is the same men have when they retire from work.

Heels as sorcery?

At one time wearing heels could put you on the stake for witchcraft. In the Puritan times, a law was passed by the Massachusetts colony that forbade “virgins, maidens or widows from seducing His Majesty’s male subjects by virtue of high heel shoes”.


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