19th of june saw ANESTHEZIA rocking their heads off at THE PLANET. The show started off a bit slowly but once the infectious band took over the stage it was all worth the money. The band were supported well by KSP. There were problems- mainly technical, still the band were simply amazing. The show kicked of with the powerfull MIL TU ZARA. The hard rocking sound of the band made the cafe shake and cry for more. The powerfull vocals of shoaib and the guitar leads of adeel were as perfect as can be. This was followed by their hit number AB BHALLA. This song is simply perfect in its construction. The smooth vocals in the song and the guitar licks were simply amazing. After this the band did a few covers of GUNS’N ROSES, NIRVANA, and METALLICA. Then the band went for a break and the stage was taken over by KSP. They played blues and jazz styles and soon had the crowd ready to be anesthesized again. Anesthezia once again took over the stage and this time it was the powerhouse adeel who took over the vocals… GAME OF CHANCE was a pure treat for anyone who like hard rock. It was followed by NAZUK KHAWAB. The band finally wrapped it up with a few more covers

All in all the concert was a cracking display of powerfull vocals and hard rock guitars. Kudos to you Anesthezia

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