Boys to rock again!

India is fast becoming a hot-spot for international artists, and our very own band Jal seems to have climbed the bandwagon. The lip gloss sporting boys are now headed to Agra to shoot their next music video. Well, we know there’s nothing new in that piece of info but guess where the video is meant to be shot… the Taj Mahal! That’s right one of the wonder of the new world will be a setting for a song from their album. The lads said that the romantic monument is an ideal location for their shoot, and are overwhelmed by the response given to them there. Hmmm… looks like we can all look forward to yet another soulful number from Jal, who first took us and all of India by storm with their hit, ”Woh Lamhey”. There is yet to be any word on the name of the song. We’re looking forward to it and hopefully the new video will live up to the hoopla.

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