Arshad Warsi unhappy about Golmaal Returns

Arshad Warsi, who plays one of the leads in Golmaal Returns, is unhappy about the length of his role in the film.

Arshad, who feels betrayed and cheated by the director of the film, Rohit Shetty, said, “When I saw the film with my friends I was shocked. I was hardly there. Even during the making of the film, I had realised that I was hardly shooting, that too at a time when I desperately needed time off to sort out my life.”

Getting distinctly agitated, Arshad is unstoppable as he pours his heart out. “Would you believe the script was narrated to me as a story between me and Ajay Devgan? Unfortunately, our scriptwriters are much better at narrating than actually writing screenplays. I wasn’t happy with my role in Golmaal-Fun unlimited or Sunday either (both were directed by Rohit). Though the first Golmaal was about Ajay, Sharman and Tusshar Kapoor, I was at least part of the main plot. In the latest film, I am just walking around with nothing to do. The same is true of Kareena! There’s as little of her as me. This is the third time that Rohit has disappointed me. But, it is definitely the last time,” declared Arshad.

After being short-changed repeatedly, Arshad feels it is time he took stock of his career. “Now that I am a producer and my first film, Kaun Bola, is getting ready for release, I am not going to allow myself to be taken for a ride. Henceforth, I won’t trust any director blindly. And when I hear a script, apart from my scenes, I also want to know what the other characters are doing in the film.”
But, one thing that Arshad liked about the film is the takeoff on Rani Mukerji’s character from Saawariya. “The actress, Ashwini Kalsekar is wonderful. I plan to use her in one of my films. And I will make sure she has more to do than I did in my latest film,” remarked Arshad with an air of finality.

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