‘Golmaal Returns’ is funnier than ‘Golmaal’: Ajay Devgan

Q. You return with ‘Golmaal’ again. Are you looking forward to it?

Of course I am, because the first part was really appreciated and still people come up to me and say that they’ve formed ‘Golmaal Returns’ groups which is on the net also. When we started ‘Golmaal Returns’, we were very hesitant as it had to be funnier than or at least as funny as the first part. So there were many scripts we looked at but eventually we found one and we all thought that it was funnier than the first one.

Q. Did Sharman Joshi’s absence make you feel vulnerable?

Initially we were wondering how we were going to fit in Sharman in the film. But the first day when Shreyas performed, we were all at ease. I think that Shreyas is fantastic.

Q. Are you happy that you all have a woman in your life now?

(laughs) Yeah, you’re right. We were missing them in the first one. But the fact is that the script demanded it and female leads were not forced in ‘Golmaal Returns.’

Q. You’ve worked with Kareena in ‘Omkara’ and now in ‘Golmaal Returns’. How did you feel working with her, again?

It feels great. I’ve known her since many years now. It is very important for the co-actors to get along especially in a film like ‘Golmaal Returns’ because you improvise a lot where humour is concerned and when you keep jelling and then pulling each others leg, it works both ways.

Q. Tell us a bit about the comic song where Celina holds you on the ship.

That was really funny. You have to see it to believe it. It was a bit difficult to shoot that song but it all went well. It is the funniest song of the film.

Q. Do you think Rohit Shetty making comedy instead of action is working for him?

Rohit joined us as an assistant in ‘Phool Aur Kaante’. Since then, he has been with us. Then he joined Devgan Films. So as a kid brother, as a colleague and as a friend he has been with me for more than 15 years. I know he is good at action but right now he is doing good for himself by making comic films. I always knew that he had a great potential of becoming a director and that’s why he started ‘Zameen’ and now that he has proved himself, there is no looking back for Rohit.

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